Dead Whale Washed Ashore Bonny Waterside

Dead Whale Washed Ashore Bonny Waterside

Amidst the continuous death of fishes along the Along the Atlantic coastline at the Bonny water side, Rivers state, a dead and decomposing whale was reported to have been washed ashore the water side on Thursday 23rd of April 2020.

Despite the fact that the sea animal was already decomposing, the resident of the community saw it as a blessing from the sea and decided to have their cut from the precious cake.


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Amidst battling the COVID-19 pandemic, it is quite unnerving that many have missed the lesson of maintaining human-nature balance. We received an information yesterday morning that a whale was washed ashore Bonny Water side. We quickly mobilized to the place, hoping it was still alive and we could help it back into the ocean. However, on getting to the seashore, we realised it was already dead and decomposing. Almost immediately, the locals started teeming the seashore to have their own pound of flesh. Although dead and decomposing, people still went ahead to cut the whale to pieces and took home. All efforts to educate and restrain them proved abortive. There is a strong need for us to develop a change of attitude towards wildlife in Nigeria, not only for the sake of the species but also for human health. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #wildlife #wildlifeinnigeria #whaleinBonny #Biodiversity #protectwildlife

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