Improving the resilience of Nigerian Fisheries Against Climate Change

Our Fishers Prep initiative is dedicated to engendering marine fisheries in coastal communities against climate change by empowering coastal communities through sustainable fishing practices and environmental stewardship. Through the project, we are deploying infused cultural and scientific approaches to shift fisheries resilience and conservation paradigms in the coastal communities of Nigeria. The project is addressing the threats dwindling fisheries resources which is the primary source of livelihood in these coastal communities due to climate change on the socio-economic status of coastal dwellers.

Our innovative approach includes:

  1. Youth involvement: we are training young people between the ages of 15-28 in each coastal community to take part in the project as Project Activators.
  2. Data study: We are collecting insightful data from landing sites in coastal communities on landing site characteristics, available gears/crafts, fishing methods, landed catch of fish species and fishing methods, to aid the implementation of the project approaches in these communities.
  3. Capacity Building workshop and Conservation Education: Leveraging insights from the data studies, we are developing resources to train fishermen and fisherfolks on sustainable fishing approaches, the conservation of IUCN red-listed fish species (localising the status of threatened and endangered fish species in Nigeria) and introducing the methods to aid their recovery where possible, with the sources of livelihood of fisherfolks in hindsight.
Key Project Features:

Community-Centric Approach: Fishers Prep works closely with local communities to understand their unique challenges and needs. Through collaborative workshops and training sessions, we empower fishermen and community members with the knowledge and skills needed to sustainably manage marine resources.
Technology for Conservation: Leveraging the latest technology, Fishers Prep is keen on developing tools and applications to support fisheries management and conservation efforts.
Capacity Building: We believe in the power of education to drive positive change. Fishers Prep conducts capacity-building workshops and educational programs to equip fishermen with the tools they need to thrive in a changing environment. From climate resilience training to resource management techniques, we provide comprehensive support to coastal communities.
Gender Inclusivity: Our Female prep as one of our approaches is focused on empowering women and young girls in coastal communities within the age range of 15 – 45 years with applicable knowledge and tools to take responsible actions toward personal and professional initiative and development in aquaculture and mariculture, seafood value chain addition, coastal governance, climate, marine fisheries and ecosystem education, environmental waste management.

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