The virtual workshop was held on the 31 of October 2020. The workshop was titled PLASTIC CREATIVITY: art, craft and wealth creation. The workshop took place virtually via zoom with 50 active participants across 7 countries globally.

During the events, the participants were taught about:

  • Art and crafts with Plastics 1 by our female facilitator; Seyi Moejoh (Nigeria).
  • The need to embrace plastic creativity by Enock Mwewa (Zambia).
  • Advancement in Plastic Creativity by Babalola Sherifdeen (UK).
  • Art and Crafts with Plastics 2 by Solomon Adelowo (Nigeria).
  • Some of the Event remarks by our audience.

    Molade Folashade: thank you Aquaworld for creating a platform where we were well trained on making crafts.

    Chukwu Humphery:  It was a great session, I learnt about the beauty of plastic creation. Trash could be cash if you know that every waste can be reusable.

    Seyi Moejoh:  Virtual workshop with Aquaworld was amazing.