Stakeholders Run At Losses in Aquaculture Amid COVID-19 Period

One of the webinars recently organized in May 2020 by the West Africa Region of World Aquaculture society, Africa Chapter saw a lot of stakeholders complaining on behalf of different countries and society on how the lockdown measures amid the Covid-19 pandemic has caused major setbacks in the sales of fishe and fishery products leading to great loss in aquaculture business.

One of the stakeholders, Areola lamented that aquaculture farmers are forced to sell at a very low price due to weight loss fishes arising from poor feeding of their fish stocks.

Stakeholders present in the meeting suggested different means on how production can be made at low cost in other to meet the unstable market demand.

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Reported by Gbenga Akinfenwa

Source; Guradian Newspaper

Retrieved on the 29th of May 2020

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