Summary of the 4th Talkshow held on the 9th of May 2019

Summary of the 4th Talkshow held on the 9th of May 2019

Topic of discussion; DOLPHIN

Presenter; Mr Paul Ayomide

Guest; Dr (Mrs) T.F Igejogbon

The following are few points from the event;

  1. We have d mammal dolphin and the fish dolphin.
  2. The show was about d mammal dolphin.
  3. Generally there are over 40 species of dolphin
  4. They r very friendly
  5. They smile a lot because of d curvature of their mouth.
  6. They can grow up to 50-150kg
  7. The mammals r not brightly coloured
  8. They feed on fishes; squids and other smaller mammals
  9. Their mode of feeding is “the hunt and catch”
  10. They behave like humans in certain ways, e.g the opposite sex go into relationship
  11. Some dolphins v been trained to be involved in military, some as pet.
  12. They are very intelligent and with high sense of memory like humans
  13. They can sense sound from very far distance
  14. They give birth to their young ones alive
  15. The guest made us understand that it is healthy population wise to kill dolphins in order to control their abundance.

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