Summary of the 5th Talkshow held on the 23rd of May 2019

Summary of the 5th Talkshow held on the 23rd of May 2019


Guest; Mr Adeniyi Bolaji

The following are few points from the event;

    1. Consumption of well-cooked mosquito fish helps in retentive memory and reduction of brain disease.
    2. Consumption of mosquito fish also helps to suppressed too much energy used in the brain.
    3. Jellyfish contains collagen and calcium.
    4. Jellyfish is also rich in Omega-3-fatty acid.
    5. Oysters helps to lower cholesterol level in body.
    6. Oyster helps in fast healing of injuries.
    7. Oyster provides strength to weak bones.
    8. Sturgeon egg contains Omega-3-fatty acid.
    9. It helps to build the immune system.
    10. Fish oil also contains Omega-3-fatty acid.
    11. It also contains important minerals which helps the brain.
    12. Sea cucumber can be used for medicinal purpose such as; cure for ulcer and cancer.
    13. They have great regeneration power.
    14. The fish liver oil is used to treat rickets.

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