Summary of the 6th Talkshow held on the 13th of March 2020

Topic: Anthropogenic activities damaging the Aquatic environment.

Presenter; Mr Paul Ayomide

Guest; Mr John Oluwatosin.

Below are the Points form the talkshow;

The Aquatic body is a very delicate and very important environment, if not taken care leads to deterioration and death of the organisms.

There are series of human action that has effect on the environment and they include

  1. Oil spillage: the bitumen that is being used in road construction is found in the water and when there is no proper mining of the bitumen, it rises above the water turning it black and also blocks oxygen and light penetration and this leads to death of them of the fishes.
  2. Sewage disposal: most rural environment uses the water body as a dumping site for their sewage which is not supposed to be so.
  3. Urbanization.
  4. Use of inappropriate fishing gears, e.g use of mosquito net.


  1. Proper enlightenment about the dangers and effects of water pollution
  2. Proper regulation and monitoring of fishing gears.

Kindly visit the link to watch the video:

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